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Being a masochist at heart , watched video 2x. GiveCCSU their due they were faster , more agile and put us back on our heels early and we never recovered.Playcalling a complete mystery. Middle open we throw sidelines. Short quick routes there ,no we keepthrowing long.I think Trey was too impressed with our speed against ourselves never got around to seeing their dbs were faster. OL wasok and seems that they could have run all day for 5-6 a clipbut we never did.
Hope Troy not serious injury. D OK but not dominant at all. CCSU scheme seemed to dictate play. They seemed to convert an unholy amount of 3rd downs.

MY question for the week is IS our talent level as high as it seems to be based on the caliber of kids Andy has recruited? If so, then next Q is what did the Coaches do to prepare this team to play?