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"sundayamqb" wrote: 1) Want to raise $$? Why not travel to play Kansas State and Georgia?

My buddy played football at Tennessee Tech, a FCS team in the Ohio Valley Conference, won by Eastern Illiinois. Tech finished third in the league with a 5-3 record, 6-5 overall.

They raised a ton of money playing patsy for KSU and UGA. (TTU also beat Pikeville, 51-10.)

While LU probably could play with TTU and the rest of the OVC, do we really want to raise $$ by taking on BCS teams?

Aren’t we better off playing the Ivies and schools like ‘Nova, UNH, etc.? I think we offer what student-athletes of the caliber going to Lehigh want.

2) Is Old Dominion looking for a conference?

3) How about some kind of merger with the Ivies? Where games against that league would count in PL standings?

1. FBS games aren’t growing on trees. You don’t just call up and say "We’re coming over. Clean the stadium." With more and more FCS schools looking to balance the budget with payday games, these will become ever more difficult to schedule on a regular basis.

2. As RichH pointed out, ODU, along with Georgia State, have been locked in to the CAA for some time now. They will begin conference competition within a year or two. Besides, didn’t we learn anything from the Towson experience? Repeat after me: the Patriot League should not accept large public universities as members.

3. A "merger" with the Ivies? What are you smoking? You’re fighting tradition and elitist snobbery. Ain’t no one getting into that club – not even through the side door carrying a mop and pail. Ask Colgate. They tried for 25 years.