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Thanks for the info Rich. On paper, this looks like a real nice pickup. We’re picking up a lot of guys who seem to enjoy tackling behind the line of scrimmage.
Couple of points:
1.) Are we sure that this is #10? Any other word of Crawford?
2.)I’ll assume this is not the Mike Bry.. you were referring to yesterday.
3.)I believe we are limited to 15 scholarships this year. Is there anyway of knowing if all these verbals were full schollies? By my count, there are currently 97 guys on the roster, 20 of which are seniors. I believe the cap for next year is 93. Assuming no casualties in the off season, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of extra roster spots. I assume you keep recruiting and then make cuts.
Side note: There are 24 juniors currently listed on the roster and the roster size only goes down by one. Are we limited to 15 scholarships in the next class too?