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As far as I know, there has been no guarantee of a game with Pitt, only the distinct possibility as they will be in the same pod. From everything I heard, the 4 host teams are seeded and the 4 teams within each pod are also seeded. I believe the 4 host teams are the top seed in each pod. Based solely on last year’s results, that would make it Pitt #1, Lehigh #2, Robert Morris #3 and Delaware (if my memory is correct #4. Lehigh would then play Robert Morris in the 1st round and a win there is certainly not a given since they were finished last season as #113 on Sagarin and will be playing a pseudo home game. They lose virtually no one from last year’s 21 win season. IMHO, before we can get giddy about competing with the Pitts of the world, we need to prove ourselves against teams like Robert Morris.