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So I was just on Twitter and came across the following:

Malique Killing ‏@_M5K_
Lehigh on the Schedule next year officially. Im right At CJ McCollum, or imma try at least lol

So, immediately I ask myself the following question: Who the *($@ is Malique Killing? What team does he play for? I rush to google, whatever rushing from one web site to another means, and google him….my mind is rushing at the endless possibilities of a big time program hosting our solid mid-major team, potentially our best ever in history of the program, with a legit 1st round pick in his senior year….coming off a season that builds up a program and has given it a ton of momentum heading into next year…so my mind is racing, heart beat pulsing a bit faster at the possibility at some LU Hoop news in June, goose bumps emerge at the excitement/opportunity to continue to piece together our 12-13 schedule….AND…WAIT FOR IT….WAIT FOR IT…WAIT FOR IT….

Muhlenberg….now I’m not the best internet savvy researcher, but it appears he plays for the D3 Muhlenberg Hoops team…

I’m not even going to b**ch and complain about this until I know it is fact, but if true I’ll b**ch about this more then I do our inability to get a big in here for next year…….but I’ll shut up and eat my comments until this is proven true…