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One difference there is that FBS teams can count a victory over FCS teams toward the 6 win minimum for bowl eligibility. Playing a D3 school in basketball is not taken into account when compiling RPI and other computer rating systems. So the game is essentially a scrimmage, unless we lose in which case people will notice.

And, to the point of a “balanced” schedule of home and away games, that is the least of our worries, as last year LU only played 4 OOC home games including a D3 while playing 12 road games.

Also, I think some of us fully understand how difficult it is to put together an OOC schedule. I never expect to see a BCS team come to Stabler, and I’m fine with that. It would be great if it happened, but I know that chances are beyond slim. That said, I do take for granted the three or so garauntee BCS road games that LU plays a year. I get frustrated when fans tout the great match-ups as excellent scheduling, when in reality 95% of mid and low major schools do the exact same thing. I see the value, and love to watch those games – but I don’t think they are a reflection of putting together a good schedule as much as the world of college basketball and athletic department budgeting in 2012.

All I have ever advocated for scheduling wise – and maybe this is impossible for reasons that I don’t “understand”, is to get the occassional home game against a schools outside of the MEAC and NEC. I’m not asking for Big East or ACC teams, I’m asking for Boston University, U of Del, Vermont, Hofstra, or William and Mary. And I’m not even saying to never play NEC or MEAC schools, because I understand the role they fill in scheduling. I’m just asking for a little diversity, even if it means taking an extra garauntee game on the road, in order to spend that $500,000 to pay someone to come to Stabler.

I know that Bucknell has much better facilities and fan support than LU, but they are also a scary low major that no one wants to play. Yet they get Richmond, George Mason, LaSalle, BU, and others to visit Sojka. If they can get multiple game like that year after year, I find it hard to believe that LU can’t get one or two. Although, maybe I’m wrong.

To me, playing Muhlenburg adds little to no value to the schedule even if it is only one of 16 or 17 OOC games. If Dr. Reed wants to get some bench guys minutes, then schedule a closed door scrimmage against Muhlenburg or DeSales over t-giving or x-mas break when teams are on campus with nothing but time to kill.