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Thoughts on the bracketbuster posts from last month:


1.   Lehigh, or almost anyone else in the PL could participate if they wanted to.    The bracketbuster is not selective at all and will take almost anyone.    Back in the days when Bucknell and Holy Cross participated, Colgate did also at one point.    All of them decided that the negatives outweighed the positives and dropped out.   I am sure Reed feels the same way.

2.   There are two possible positives:  (1)  IF you have a really good team, then there is a possibility of getting a game on some ESPN network;  and (2) if you are having a really hard time scheduling games, then continued bracketbuster participation locks in two games a year on the schedule (may also be a negative).

3.  The negatives:

– You may end up playing someone you have no desire to play – and you are locked into playing them home-and-home.

– You may be forced to take a long bus or plane ride late in the year which may affect your play in the more-important final league games.     For example, Bucknell had to travel to Northern Iowa one year and take a 7-hour bus ride (one way) to ODU another year.

–  By participating, you must give up your free Wednesday midway through the PL schedule.    That means a bus ride midweek and losing the week of rest and recovery time that everyone else gets.    Could affect a team in its next PL game.   Maybe more.