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You got it, SB.

As for the Pre-season NIT and if run the same way it was last year………should we not win two out in Pitt and thereby advance to MSG, we and the other “non-advancers” (two more from  the Pitt pod and three from each of the other the 3 host sites for a total of 12) will play colsolation games at the sites of the three highest seeded teams of the original twelve.  For example, Brown, Albany and Manhattan didn’t advance out the Syracuse pod last year.  Syracuse did.  The Brown, Albany, Manhattan trio were sent packing to play consolation round games at two differant sites.  Brown and Albany each went to Fairfax, VA where they played George Mason (host), and Monmouth.  Manhattan went to Colorado State and played Colorado State and UTSA, etc., etc.  Should we not advance out of the Pitt pod and should, for example, all the other pod hosts (Virginia, Kansas State, and Michigan) go on to MSG, there’s a good chance we might be one of the three highest seeds remaining and thereby get to host consolation round games.  Just my opinion.  Can’t wait to see and read the official Preseason lineup of teams and know the seeds.