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Not going to reiterate my anti-Muhlenberg stance, cause it is moot. I will say, that boy this schedule certainly hinges on the ability to win the first round game in NIT at Pitt. Presumably we’ll be the 2 or the 3 seed, so we’d avoid Pitt in round 1, and hopefully get a shot at them in game 2. Should we lose game one, and pending outcome on our “open 4 dates”, this schedule could be pretty poor…especially given the fact that we have a once a generation player at LU and national momentum behind us with big Duke win. If we lose round 1 and miss Pitt, you’re looking at VCU and Baylor as the only real “big” games so to say, unless something breaks right in the open 4 games…hopefully some other good mid majors want a game and a good test and booked up reed and co after seeing our articles/press about needing 4 open dates……it is a shame that we can’t get a drexel or st joes on the schedule, it just makes way to much sense given local alumni in philly, the game would be a huge hit man…huge hit…give the locals who work in philly and are sick of hearing about big 5 local hoops schools a chance to take one of them down…of course, win the Pitt Pod and get a game vs trey burke/michigan squad and the schedule turns respectable…