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Disappointed.  In reality, the schedule could actually be worse than last year.  Again, it looks like a 3 game schedule, plus high 100s, 200 plus and 300 plus RPI teams.

Michigan St/Iowa St/St. Johns vs. Pitt (maybe)/Baylor/VCU

I would lean in favor of last year’s power trio.  Could obviously be boosted by winning out in Pittsburgh and advancing to MSG, but that is unlikely.  We are probably headed to a consolation pod, with a decent host team (perhaps) and other weaker teams.  I don’t understand it.  It is going to tough to drive to see a home OOC game with that dreck coming to Stabler.  Think I will save it and hit Pittsburgh or Richmond.  Waco is not a destination that fires me up, so would be tough to get there (fly to Dallas, drive the 90 miles to the land of Koresh and Baptists).  Praying for a Big 5 team to slip on there late.  Or, give me a George Washington or Loyola MD.