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After attending an on-campus event, TMH reports (see Scheduling Thread) that, indeed, Pitt is on the schedule. Better yet, the game will be in connection with the prestigious Preseason NIT where survivors – not just the four host schools (Pitt, Michigan, Kansas State and Virginia) – advance to play for the championship at NY’s Madison Square Garden. In short, win two at the Pittsburgh Pod – with Pitt supposedly being one of the two – and head to the bright lights of New York. Lose one or both of your games out in Pitt and head-off to another site for a consolation round of two games. Kind of confusing, no doubt, but a nice package of four games. To get a picture of what happened at last year’s event, check out:

Here’s you see, for example, that Syracuse hosted Manhattan, Brown and Albany with Brown being the only one not to play The Orange. When the event finished-up in Syracuse, the Orange who won both of their games advanced to MSG while the others dispersed to Consolation Sites. For example (not shown in the link), Albany and Brown who played each other up in Syracuse, went on to Fairfax, VA to play Monmouth and George Mason while Manhattan headed off to Fort Collins, Colorado to play Fresno State and Colorado State.