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I think TK is going to be the same situation as Gabe. 4 year starter from Day 1, with 120 starts over 4 seasons. He may not be ready, but I think he is your starter in the middle. Great size, some developed offensive game, good pedigree. He should also be able to alter a lot of shots at 6’10”. He is going to be pretty slight as a freshman, so you are going to have to pair him with some beef at the 4. I think that will be “The Body” Chuku, but could be JG. I just think you need a little more scoring ability than JG brings. To me, JG is your energy big off the bench. First big off the bench. CB struggles for minutes. He knows system the best at this point, but he is liability on offense. If AD starts on a team with 3 thousand point scorers, he definitely starts on this team. I just hope he doesn’t try to do too much with the ball in his hands.