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I would hope that SW could lock down the 3, but I don’t see that happening for the first game. Rare to be a freshman starter under Reed, who probably believes most aren’t ready on the defensive end. Plus the guy was limited last year due to a serious injury. As noted, CJM and HG did not start right away, although GK did. I think Kempton starts simply because he is the only true 5 on the roster. Plus, it looks like he has ability. He is not just a 6’10” stiff (at least I hope not). JG is really a 4, although he can back up at the 5. If Reed is unhappy with the defensive prowess of the incoming freshmen, then you won’t see them in big minutes early. Defense is what limited AD early in his career, and continues to limit SC. On the other hand, if guys like AP and MS can really defend, you will see them early on, as early guys off the bench. It is difficult to defend the perimeter for the younger players, dealing with stopping the 3 ball and dribble penetration, and defending the high pick and roll that most teams run.

I think the biggest question early in the season is who is going to score the ball? There is only one proven scorer on the roster and that is MM. For that reason, I think Reed will be forced to get MM a lot more looks from the 2 spot, which will require a 1 on the floor with MM. So, I think early on, and maybe all season, you are going to see a lot of CS at the 1 with MM at the 2. If the freshmen step up then that won’t be required, but early on, I think it will.