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Chuku weight has to be wrong because he tweeted a photo of him on a scale in mid summer if I remember correctly and he was 231, which he was pumped about. Calling BS on 250.

Agree Hoops. I remember that photo too, my guess is that the 250 is just an inflation like every basketball team in the country uses on their rosters. Pretty much everyone is probably an inch or two shorter and 10-15 pounds lighter than listed. JC is probably still in the 230-235 range.

My shot at the starting 5:

MM is a lock. D’Orazio started the majority of last year and has turned himself into a solid role player. I think Chuku is a virtual lock as well. Baltimore will likely get another chance but he and Chuku together probably just aren’t big enough to start together. Goldsborough starts by default unless Kempton can lock down the 5 from day 1. I think Price will emerge on the wing opposite D’Orazio because SC can’t play D, CS is too small to pair with MM starting, and DC is coming off injury. Simelton is the wildcard for me. I think he could very well end up being the best player in this freshman class. He appears to be the second most dynamic guard on the team after MM and I think either he or AP (or both) will start quite a few games this year. I think there will be plenty of times we see MM and CS on the court together, but rarely if ever to start. I don’t know what to think about Whitfield. He’s coming off injury and has made some comments on twitter about small knocks he has already picked up in workouts. I can’t even venture a guess at what kind of role he winds up with this year, but I’m optimistic.