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SBum – totally right that they boosting his weight just odd they feel the need to fake his weight when he already a legit 230-235! Usually it’s the greiner and goldsborough and Knutson types you give an extra 15 to.

Nice to see roster posted an new numbers for rooks!

As for game one lineup – I say MM CS AD JC JG – go with experience on road at um. CJ didn’t even start hi first two games so I think AP comes off bench for at least a few but can end up being a starter early on. I have heard some good thing on AP from people so far. We know we got enough guards to be good in Pl so season comes down to how good is JC, Did JG improve, and what we get from TK and SW. If three of those four break right we are top 3 in Pl with shot at winning again.