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I know that there has been no discussion on this signing but I find it very enlightening.
Not only is this Sue Troyan’s first signing for the Class of 2013 but to my very limited knowledge, it may be the first signing for any sport during this post-euphoria window of opportunity we have been given. Personally, I was hoping that Lehigh would use their new found success and notoriety to raise the bar a bit higher during the recruiting process. Coaches Coen and Reed seem to competing against some of the big boys for players this year but Kiernan is the first signing during this period.
1.)She is a 3-star recruit in both ESPN and Rivals.
2.)ESPN has her as currently the #62 Forward in the country.
3.) She comes froma solid gene pool. Her father, Mike McCloskey is a former AA tight end for Penn State and Houston Oiler. Her mother competed in track & field for Penn State.
Adding Kiernan to current recruits Kinek & Sharlow should ensure a very godd frontcourt for years to come.
Great signing for Sue Troyan and the women’s basketball staff.