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Tournament Seeding

Seeds 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are set (see below). What remains to be decided in Saturday’s final day of regular season action is who gets the 3rd and 4th poll positions. The participants are AU and HC. Simply, if AU wins or HC loses, the 3rd spot goes to AU. If, on the other hand, should AU lose and HC win, the 3rd seed goes to HC. So what you say? Well, amusing we were to win our first game against CU (I know, I know, nothing is certain), the question becomes, as a fan of LU b’ball, who would you rather face in our second game, the winner of the AU/Army game or the winner of the HC/Army game. I’d take the former, knowing the way HC is playing at present. That would also put HC in the BU bracket with a likely match-up in a Round Two game out in Lewisburg. Hey, who said Saturday’s games are meaningless?! One key match-up will be LC @ AU and it can be seen on CBS Sports Network at 4pm, tomorrow.

1 BU
2 LU
3 ??
4 ??
5 LC
6 Army
7 CU
8 Navy

Poll Question: Who will be attending our Round One game against Colgate? Maybe a bunch of us can get together prior to the opening tip.