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A few more observations. Holden Greiner is now 6-8 and Stefan Cvrkalj is 6-5. I saw Holden and Gabe at the women’s soccer game and the growth appears right. They looked virtually the same height. We may be bigger this year than last.

I saw Devon Carter at the freshmen sendoff and the first words I found to describe is focused and intense. I mean this in a good way. I project big things from him over the next 4 years.

Bob Krizansky and Dozie Mbonu both had very nice careers at Lehigh but personally I reserve number retirement is something reserved for the very, very special. Bob and Dozie are #4 and #5 among Lehigh scorers but #6, #7 and #8 are right behind them. CJ will likely be heading to the NBA, Polaha made it to the final cut with the Pacers before pulling a stomach muscle and Darren was unquestionably the best player in Lehigh history until CJ and even now it may be a tossup.

Last point or question…Reed has 4 scholarships available this year and as of yet none signed (but it’s early). Since unlike other colleges, Lehigh (and probably all PL schools) tend to honor these scholarships as 4 year commitments, how low on the grading scale should Brett go for the 4th scholarship before saving it for next year when 3 more will be leaving? Just a thought.