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I could go either way on Krizansky and Mbonu.  They were both great players, but by no means dominant.  They accumulated nice stats over their 4 seasons, but both ended up at just over 15 ppg for their careers.  I liked Krizansky’s all around game (he could do a little bit of everything) and what a hustler.  He was a 3 time first team all-conference in ECC then PL.  Dozie made a couple seconds and a first.  At 2,000 points, I think you have to retire the jerseys.  Krizansky about 150 points shy and Dozie just over 200 shy.  For playing together, and being top 5 all-time scorers they never had that defining post season run, where they were the guys.  On the flip side, we all agree that Gabe will go down with a very nice career at Lehigh.  He will score probably 500 points less than those 2 guys did.  On the negative side, I would never consider retiring Olivero’s jersey, and he scored only slightly less over his career than those 2 did (under 100 points), with that hideously ugly jump shot.  Only 2 retired numbers over roughly 100 seasons seems like too few, but you will get a third next year with CJ.  You realize how bad Lehigh was in hoops for the better part of 100 years, more on that later.

Another couple of notes on the upcoming season.  Reed should become the all-time winningest coach in schoool history with 19 wins.  And, he will do it very quickly (7 seasons)?  And last one.  We mostly agree that scheduling the Mules of Muhlenberg is not a great move, but the teams have met 110 times between the first meeting in 1901-02 and their last meeting in 2005-2006 season.  Overall, Lehigh holds the edge at 58-52.  How sad is that?