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Here is my shot at the 2 deep by position.

DBs, believe these 6 make 2 deep, not sure on the other 2.

Tyler Ward

Rickie Hill

Courtney Jarvis

Stephen Wilmington

Jason Suggs

Laquan Lambert

DL, maybe these 6.  Not sure if one of the OL might move over.   Manganiello?

Ryan Kuntz

Rickey Layton

Tim Newton

 Arturo Gyles

Grant Jamgochian

 Brad Smith

LBs are deep, like the kid from Freedom to make 2 deep before end of year.

John Mahoney

Nigel Muhammad

Tashan Mitchell

Jared Heschke

Isaiah Campbell

Noah Robb

Matthew Laub

Donyell Bourgeois, Jr.

FB the easiest to guess.  Both these guys have great skills and experience.

Zachary Hayden

Sean Farrell

Could not come up with a 10th guy for OL, but often same guy backs up 2 spots.  Guessing Duffy might make 2 deep.

Matt Lippincott

A.J. Hood

Ned Daryoush

Matt Douglas

Kyle Moore

Terez Owens

Steven Camasta

Matt Ford

Zach Duffy

O is complicated, so not seeing Shafnisky on 2 deep right away.

Brandon Bialkowski

Gerard Poutier

Based on last year, these 2 RBs, but I am high on Kee and Brown and expect them to rotate in also.

Keith Sherman

Rich Sodeke

Looking for Anderson to get back to form of 2 years ago.

Max Anderson

Tyler Coyle

Suspect these 4 get most of the work, Gaul could be in mix too.

Sergio Fernandez-Soto

Lee Kurfis

Josh Parris

Derek Knott

Rich has more insight on the Frosh, maybe he sees some of them making 2 deep?