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I don’t think you can read into Bucknell out-recruiting LU that much.  It’s true that we had interest in Azzinaro and Oberfeld, and offered MacLeay but generally speaking any high academic Division 1 prospect is going to have “interest” from the entire PL and Ivy because there just aren’t that many of that type of prospect.  I think any time a PL school gets a commitment, that player is turning down other PL schools unless he is very boderline or has some weird circumstances like Fran’s Aussies.  If we get a commit from one of our primary targets, it would immediately shift the balance as recruiting is much more about quality than quantity.

It would be nice to get a commitment soon, but there are still a bunch of REALLY good prospects on our list that are undecided.  I will say though that Paulsen and his staff are excellent recruiters and talent evaluators and Bucknell continues to be the model PL program.

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