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SBum – you are 100% correct. I think I might have written this somewhere in this 9 page thread of ours on 2013 recruiting targets, but, this is very important cause Leo and Austin are tight…really tight. They go to different high schools, but as you mentioned are teammates at the family. Now, they tweet to each other a lot, and I saw this one from Leo this past weekend when Austin was in Bethlehem, which I interpreted and read into as a potential positive…but I very much believe this could become a package deal….they’re that tight in my opinion…check this out:

Leo Edwards‏@Lions_N_Redwing

Hope my bro @ShotsUpPrice14 enjoying his self!! We got moves to make

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Austin Price

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Austin retweeted it, and this is great news that Leo has an official now.


Regarding Bucknell, give them credit, they got their guys signed, but if we get 2 of some of the guys were looking at, our class will rival theirs…this is a huge class in future of LU program….huge….need an impact player.