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Yeah, clearly like his dad he values an education, pretty cool list of schools to beat out his services for. SBum, so funny, as I checked both kempton and price twitter to see if they had any back and forth, but none thus far. I’d hope Reed & Co told him to work on getting Price to commit, but I guess that would only happen if Kempton and Price got along well….we know with certainty that Edwards is going to be told to pitch the idea of playing with Price at LU…man, I’d be pretty fired up if they got Price into this class…would have the makings of a solid solid class…


Senat update  – current list of schools in for his services – On the recruiting front Senat now claims offers from Fairfield, Drexel, St. Peter’s, Hartford, Sacred Heart, New Hampshire, Holy Cross, Elon, Radford, Colgate, American, and Lehigh….good list, but if we want him I don’t see why we can’t get him…JC should be able to assist in this as former metro boston teammate.