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There is not a lot out there on Kempton.  He played for the Arizona Magic Pump and Run AAU team, which has produced some players over the years (e.g. Jerryd Bayless).  I have attached his profile here.

As far as highlight videos of him, I cannot find any.  All I have is a full game video of him playing for his AAU squad.  It is from a month ago.  It appears to be the full game (over 1 hour long).  I watched some of it, not all of it.  He wears #6 and plays the 5 in the video.  He is listed at 6’8″, 6’9″ or 6’10” depending on website.  I wouldn’t call him thin, but not really big either.  Doesn’t look 6’10”, probably more like the 6’8″.  He could definitely fill out.  Like his father, not blessed with a ton of athletic ability.  Frankly, he doesn’t show a lot in the video.  He is not a banger.  He can hit a 15 foot jumper (4:20 of video), and he does try to score off the dribble from the wing at times, but doesn’t finish.  He can handle the ball fairly well for his size.  Doesn’t really command the ball in the post, and when he does, the ball doesn’t get into him.  Not a good rebounder at this point in his development.  From this video, he looks like a project big man.  He looks more comfortable on the wing than in the paint.  He is going to have to develop a low post game.

Positive that they are bringing in a big to replace Gabe, but not sure of his ability based on this limited video.