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Out of those 9, you have 5 wing players (AD, SC, DC, JC, BB), 2 point guards (MM, CS), and 2 undersized “big” men (JG, CB). Chuku is 6’7″, but a wing shooter, not a true big.

I think in the next class you need two (2) 6’9″ or bigger, big men, and a scoring point guard like MM, or maybe even a better scoring option from the point. I see CS as a backup on a solid team (15 minutes). If Chuku and Carter do not impress immediately, you will need additional wing scorer, as I don’t see AD or SC in a starting role down the road, either. SC is more of a 3 specialist. So, two 4/5’s, a 2/3 and a 1. I would like them to bring in at least 2 players bigger than Gabe, who is really an undersized 5.