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A lot of it depends on how early the school gets commitments. I’d guess LU likely has at least 15-20 offers out there right now. If we get to September and it becomes apparent that the most targeted players are not going to sign, then a lot more offers would go out to the B list guys. By October, there could easily be offers to a total of 30-40 players if the class is still unfilled. Of course by that time, some of the players would be off the market – having committed to other schools or having had their offers pulled back due to a commitment from another player at the same position.

Bucknell last year probably did not make more than 5 or 6 offers in total, since two of their three signees committed around Christmas of their junior year and the third committed about April 1st. Those were the three earliest commitments in BU history. In contrast, this year no-one has committed super-early and as a result there are at least 24 players (probably more) who have received BU offers. About half are centers or 6-8 PF’s.