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Nice write-up from Peach Jam –

Excerpt from article below, pretty similar to what I saw on the videos I posted, nice write-up. Bison137- with you locking up oberfield, are you out on Worthington? Also, have you done much work on Luke, any thoughts?


Luke Worthington (Wisconsin Playground Elite 2013) – A 6’9” below the rim big man, Worthington was bigger and far more agile than reports had led me to believe. He has a very high basketball IQ for a big man showing a great understanding of how to pin defenders on his back and seal them for easy buckets. I also loved how Worthington didn’t try things that weren’t part of his skill set but rather stuck to doing the dirty work in the paint.



Luke Worthington (Wisconsin Playground 2013) – It’s no surprise that the high IQ player is also a stud in the classroom and has the nation’s top academic schools after him. While he’s keeping specifics mostly quiet, Worthington stated the most of the Ivy League along with Stanford are those involved. A player of his talent could be a steal at the IVY level for a school that can sell their prestigious academics and then reap the benefits on the court.