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Totally agree, Hoops.  Worthington would be an absolute stud in the PL and the kind of guy that a program can build 4 years of success around a la Muscala.  It’s funny that Lehigh has been mentioned as a leader for him in some write ups, and not mentioned at all in others.  Obviously, if Stanford and other academically oriented majors like Vandy or Northwestern offer it might be hard to keep him.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Other big men that are really intriguing include Michael Owona, he seems like a really defensive anchor, Peter Miller who is coveted by what seems like the entire PL/IVY and HC is absolutely desperate for, and Leo Edwards.

Nigel Hayes is also a terrific prospect who we have offered, but I’m not sure if we are actually in the picture there as he seems destined for a high major future.