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90 – think sbum reply was very solid. For our program, all our bigs seem to be tweener and light in the pants with no real post-up game minus gabe. This kid is listed anywhere between 6’8 and 6’9 and 230-240 lbs. He would play his first college game in about 16 months and one would think he would be every bit of 240 at the smallest by then, with areal projectable body type that I could see him getting up to a carved 255 by time he done with our weight program. He would be a fort down low with that body, and he hs nice moves around the rim. I would love if he were 7 feet tall, but compared to the apparent bigs we hve been bringing in, would be super pumped. He provides legit post up presence from day one, and would be great replacement for gabe. I actually think he moves pretty well and showed some nice hands in transistion, he will be fine keeping up with our style of play.

Sbum – I think stanford is outside shot,but they worry me for sure, but the one team that worries me the most is davidson. They have great academics, good mid major program, great coach, and have offered already. They worry me, but who knows what the value of that duke win brings.