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Agree that it seems like Dr Reed is offering and going after more high level guys than he has in the past.  I also think that with there being more information on mid-major recruiting in general, and increased attention paid to Lehigh after last March’s win – that it could be that our offers are just being reported more often than in years past.  We may have been offering high major guys for years but the recruiting sites and players didn’t even think it worth the time to mention LU.

It does make you sweat a bit as you see all these guys come off the board, including a number to our PL brethren and other like minded institutions and programs.  Boykins, Alstork, Owona, Senat, and a number of other really interesting guys are still out there though.  The guys with high major offers like Foster, Currington, Hayes are obviously incredibly long shots – but you never know.

It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.  It would certainly be nice to see someone pick LU over a slew of other offers though, and show that the program is gaining some traction after last year.

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