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Chealey with another big offer, in southern miss, which appears to be his 25th, so he appears to be long-shot. If you look at our offer list it is hard to believe that any of the following are at al realistic: Chealey, Currington, Iwundi, Taylor,  Dustin Thomas.

I think of what we know we’ve offered I’d probably put Price at the top of my wish list. I’ve heard good reports on Greg Senat, heard he had a nice summer, but again, he is a 4 not a 5. Devon Thomas, JC teammate at KUA and AAU Ball for Metro Boston would interest me greatly as well. Worth repeating, Devon Thomas and Greg Senat are pretty tight, as they just played AAU ball together this summer again for metro boston. I’d like JC to bring them both to LU, would be very cool.

One guy on the list who we’ve I’ve not done a ton of work on, but who I’d like to know more about, is Mohamed Bah. Has anyone heard of this guy before or seen him?  He just played one year at prep school Lee Academy in maine, and is legit big bodied strong guy who is a full 6’9…he seems to be prototypical late bloomer, as he moved here from Africa last year or the year before, and seems to have a really great body and you hope with a guy like this that the skill catch up to the body/athlete and if so, you have something great…that is really how a PL finds a great big, it has to be a late bloomer story like this…bah video below.not a ton here but you can see some athleticism, a nice projectable frame, and not much else but dunks/put backs…i’ve heard st bonnnies mentioned but not much else, I’m not sure he is even going DI, not a ton out there on him, hoping someone knows something, he is atlest interesting enough to learn more about.