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One other thing to keep in mind is BJ Bailey’s situation.  While he still has two full years of eligibity remaining it would not shock me if he graduates after this season and foregoes his final season of playing.  I have no inside information at all on this, but from the articles we have all read about BJ, it seems that basketball is just a part of his life and not the end all be all.  Beyond that he seems to consider himself a part of the sr class socially and academically. Again, I have no idea, and I hope the staff has a better insight, but that could play into the number of scholarships we hand out this year and/or next.

As for who is still out there, I have heard virtually nothing on the big men left on our list: Bah, Owona, and Senat.  Haven’t heard anything on Leo Edwards either.  Much less the othoer wings like Boykins and Alstork that we are probably no longer recruiting, but who knows?