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Seems to make the most sense to hold on to the scholarship until an attractive big man comes along.  No point giving it to another guard or wing, which would give us, I think, 8 on next year’s roster (13-14).  I like the idea of stashing a scholarship for a late bloomer who was overlooked during the main recruiting period, and blows up as a high school senior, or a prospective transfer, who becomes available. 

If Lehigh goes into the 13-14 season with Kempton, Goldsborough, Chuku, Whitfield, and Baltimore as the only bigs (although we could add again next recruiting season), it doesn’t seem to project too well, no matter how strong the backcourt looks.

By the way, Bah looks like an animal underneath.  He would be at the top of my list.

I don’t know the strength of all of his offers, but I have seen Gonzaga and St. Bonnie’s as offered on him.  Lehigh is shown on various sites as offering.

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