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Uncommitted w/ confirmed LU offer:
Mark Alstork, 6’4 G (OH) OFFER
Monty Boykins, 6’3 G (OH) OFFER
RJ Currington, 6’5 G (VA) OFFER; multiple high major offers
Leo Edwards, 6’9 C (MI) OFFER, visit scheduled for September
Nigel Hayes, 6’7 F (OH) OFFER; high major offers
Michael Owona, 6’9 PF/C (MD) OFFER
Greg Senat, 6’8 PF (CT) OFFER, lots of NEC and PL offers
Isaiah Taylor, 6’2 G (TX) OFFER, high major offers

Hayes has gone to Wisconsin, Senat to Wagner, and Edwards to La Tech.

Hoops asked who I think is still a possibility for 2013, and the big one that jumps out to me is Michael Owona.  I have heard nothing on him in months, but he remains a legit wide-bodied 6’9 interior player who rebounds and defends.  The kind of guy we have been asking for on this board for years now.  He obviously may not pan out, but he would be the first legitimately sized 5 man in this program since Maneri/McCarthy.

At one time there was also some reported itnerest in Brett Jolly, a 6’10 C from Texas, but I don’t know where that went.  He is another skinny stretch big however.

I don’t know what to think about adding a fourth player in this class.  We have the scholarships (although I’m still not certain if it is 12 or 13) and there is defintiely a need, but I’m just not sure if I see it happening.  The fact that LU did not do a press release about the three fall signees makes me think they are waiting till the spring where there could possibly be an additional recruit.  The other question is, do we recruit over DC at the wing spot?  If the staff thinks he will be a non-contributor, either because of ineffective play or transfer, that would mean only bringing in 1 guard contributor (hopefully) in AP over two years, which will make us very thin in the backcourt when Mackey graduates.  For example, I love Monty Boykins, if the staff is pretty sure DC isn’t the guy, do they go for Boykins as well?

Right now, I’d say my wish list is that we get Owona and DC turns it around, and we have some pretty good balance in the last two classes.

It goes without saying, as this is 100% conjecture on my part, and we could well be done recruiting for 2013, or focused solely on players we know nothing about.