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While my son was attending Duquesne, I began following that program as well as Lehigh’s. It was about the time they went from a doormat to a team that was getting votes for the top 25. Still they were not very high on the food chain. Every season they would parade in a new group of 6-9 to 7-0 guys to fill the exact role you are saying. Unfortunately all the quality in that height range was usually picked clean. They would last a year or 2 on the bench and leave and they settled for 6-6 to 6-7 athletic guys. Recruiting height for height’s sake at our level usually doesn’t go well although there are exceptions. Every so often though, like CJ, you get a guy who has talent but lacks size and then grows into it later. You can always put some solid beef on these 6-7 guys and maybe one or 2 grow a few inches yet.