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OK, got a little more on the Owona brothers.  All are recent immigrants from Cameroon, and late to basketball. 

Michael (senior) 6’9″ center

Christian (senior) 6’7″ forward

Lionel (junior) 6’8″ junior

Michael was a pretty light scorer last season, mostly defensive presence, shotblocker and rebounder.  Not the mostly highly regarded on his high school team.  He is sounding like a project.  Now not even sure that the video I posted earlier is actually Michael Owona.  I have rewatched it, and trying to piece it all together with game reports, and doesn’t appear to be the same guy.  Unknown.  With 3 Owonas, it certainly adds to the confusion.

Haven’t been able to get any info on the recruiting of Christian and Lionel, although from reading game reports, it looks like Lionel, the junior, may be the best all around player.

If Bucknell is out of the way, Michael holds reported offers from Lehigh, UMBC, LIU-Brooklyn and Fairfield.

 Anybody in Baltimore area on here?  If so, get out to a John Carroll game and give us a report.