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Owona’s team, John Carroll, is off to a 5-1 start, and were #4 preseason in Baltimore area.  The game reports for each game are on the John Carroll website.  So far, in 6 games, Owona has yet to score in double digits.  I saw a high point total of 6 in a game.  He usually has more blocks than points.  I am starting to have serious concerns about this guy.  Late arrival to USA from Africa, cannot dominate in high school, other than as a shot blocker and potential rebounder, very raw offensively, this sounds like a serious long-term project.  This guy makes JG look like Patrick Ewing.  Remember JG averaged around 12-15 in high school.  This guy is lucky to be at half of that.  I would like to see a bigger guy 6’7″ or better with some developed offensive ability.  Looks like we have to hope for Kempton to be that guy coming in next season, or Chuku.

Speaking of Chuku, he is practicing with the team, correct?  Any word around Lehigh about how this guy looks?