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I have no doubt that with a healthy CJ McCollum, we are playing in the NCAA tournament tomorrow or Friday. I truly believe that we would have had a great shot to run the table in the PL.

Thanks for the response ’90. I don’t think I can get totally behind this way of thinking. I have the utmost respect for CJ and his talents, and losing him was absolutely crushing. That said, we got obliterated by the only two good teams we played this year with him. The other teams we beat while he was still healthy had an average RPI of 236. Not to mention the home loss to Bryant. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have won the PL with CJ, we very well could have. But it’s not as if we were playing like world beaters up until his injury.

Long story short, I think we should recognize the things we could control and failed to do – namely to recruit a big body center and develop the young/role players – instead of just focusing on the “we would have won if CJ didn’t get hurt.”