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Have to disagree with you about impact of CJ.  We got killed by Pitt and Baylor because we simply could not match their front line size.  Guards are irrelevant when you are giving up half a foot operating position across the frontline.  We got out rebounded by about 30 per in those games and gave up uncontested dunk after dunk.  Not to mention, CJ was a beast vs. Baylor but didn’t matter.  Bottom line is without arguably the best 2 in the country we took VCU to wire on road and won at Bucknell.  After Bucknell win, we were favored to win every single PL game.  We obviously didn’t do it, but with a healthy CJ it is a totally different season.  Take Muscala off Bucknell and where would they be?  You can’t replace a guy that is a given 25 a night.