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Couple questions for all of my buddies here:
1. How many schollies we got to offer class of 14?
2. What positions do you want to see us bring in if we assume we have two schollies to offer?
3. Based on web, twitter, has anyone reduced out of all the offers we have made, who is on our staffs short list of say top 5 guys?

1) I’m on record as thinking JRG is on scholarship. I think we only bring in two guys from the 2014 class barring someone leaving the program. Could be wrong though.

2) I would really hope that we get another big and I think the second position doesn’t particularly matter.

3) This one is a lot harder. Based on visits and social media indications that Lehigh is recruiting a guy particularly hard or a player has more than a passing interest in Lehigh. The following names stand out to me:
Tyler Jenkins (on an unofficial now and already working on scheduling on official)
Rod Mills (multiple mentions and a visit)
Jevon Carter (said in July Lehigh and Toledo were recruiting him hardest)
C.J. Davis (we’re in his final 7 but a longshot)
Kedrick Flomo (staff has gone to see him play multiple times)
Unfortunately, there are no big men in that list, but I think that is more because the info isn’t out there. I trust, and sincerely hope, the staff is planning on bringing on more size.

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