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Let me explain why I think JRG is a FW.

Here is his highlight reel. Does this look like he has the skill set of a guard?

Here are his stats from HS

Note:He took 460 shots, 36 were from beyond the arc.He shot 66% from inside and 36% from the 3. Averaged 7 rpg and had 7 more blocked shots than assists.

Lipscomb tried to make him a guard and here are his stats:

It didn’t work.

I believe it was RichH who compared his game to Queenan and it has stuck with me. I am by no means saying he will put up DQ #s but they are about the same size. They both possess human hi-light reel capabilities for dunking the basketball. They can both jump out of the building. Only time will tell but he may be the kind of X factor you are looking for.
Just my opinion.