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TMH – when you lay out the numbers like that it certainly can lend itself to going best available. I guess the reason why I say go big is because the frontcourt you laid out for next year is the same one we hav for 13 season and he same question remains as of now – which is we haven’t seen JC TK SW on the college court yet. We know what we have in CB, which is a limited bench guy, and while I and others are high on JG upside it is still just upside until he goes out and does it. Regarding JRG, I don’t know what to expect here boys, I see a guy who put up big numbers in a questionable high school league and did it out athleting guys and beating on some smaller guys – he flamed out at Lipacomb, now I know we can argue about coach using him sparingly and how there might have been a conflict between them because when he played decent minutes he did well. I think he has more of a forwards game then a guards buttes be honest with ourselves if we stick with a 3 guard lineup he has to play 3rd guard spot at 6’4. Think of the good 4 men in PL last year and tell me how he guards these guys at 6’4: Willman greiner wroblicky etc…he is best fit As a small forward/big guard who can hopefully guard multiple positions at 6’4, and play effective in the paint on offense versus a small 3 guard team : I think our staff player development with him in his off year is all a out expanding his guard skills and if he does that he could be dangerous in our league cause he is a good athlete. But I can’t think we can call him a forward just because he has a forwards game.

In reality to someone else’s point, the most logical option is for staff to not rush this last schollie but instead try to find a December or spring signing after seeing what we have in frontcourt, and backcourt as well. For example if AP is a major contributor, and I have heard positive reports, does that change perception of what we need in last axhollie?