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If we going another guard in 14 it should be a scoring guard.

I think Jenkins might be the scoring guard, although some of the other 2014 guards we are looking at appear to be combo/scoring guards as well.

Couple other thoughts on all the guard interest. One, either the staff is pretty confident Devon Carter can play the 3 for extended periods, or he is being recruited over. He didn’t show much last season pre-injury so I fear it could be the latter. Although he does have a solid build and could likely guard Patriot League 3 men without much issue.

Second, I’m wondering how CJ has impacted how we are perceived by guards more than big guys. It could be that these high school guards saw how CJ developed at Lehigh and how he was allowed to get up a good # of shots and have a lot of the ball and they want to follow in his footsteps. While I don’t think this would hurt our standing with any big men, it could be that the “CJ Effect” on recruiting applies more to guards than bigs and the staff is just going after the best available guys.