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SBum, my man, I guess it is hard to tell what some of these guys will be at the college level. I recall most of what I saw on twitter talked about him as a pg, but some tweets did sau combo guard. MOF aau team coach called him best leader he ever has, which signals pg perhaps. He had a ton more assists than anyone else on his high school team, and the videos I have seen with him a lot of his half court clips are him at top of key with ball penetrating, not one video is him coning off a screen per se. Granted, these are small tidbits of info, but nonetheless, things I’ve picked up.

Until we see MS play, we won’t know for sure what staff views him as, he did put up a ton of points in HS, so perhaps he is combo. I think of the guards we have that we are positive aren’t PGs include: AD, SC, AP, CR, and DC. MS & TJ, I guess we’ll score those TBDs for now.