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Nice to see Lehigh in Daum’s final 5. Those other 4 are some other random prarie schools.

Eric Anderson who we offered has committed to Yale.

Lance Tejada picked East Carolina and it does not appear LU was a legitimate candidate.

I think that Dareese Lawrence kid is full of it. There is no info on the internet and no one gets offered via letter these days. Not to mention he is covering the return address which I assume is admissions and not the athletic department.

Jevon Carter went to West Virginia and apparently had a good visit. Coming to Bethlehem on Sep 13th.

Jorgenson is interesting as I have seen his name associated with a lot of solid east coast mid majors, but never Lehigh, and then he ends up on campus last week. Another guard but looks like a very solid mid major scorer and a three star prospect.