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Yeah I saw Friendshuh to Richmond Sbum, good find bud. So I think it is all but a guarantee that with our 2nd spot we’re going guard, and per all 15 offers that class is seemingly being built on bigs. The big risk in that strategy is that we have 5 forwards on the team for this year and next year, and 3 haven’t played a single second in a D1 game. That alone would make me as a coach feel the need to bring in a big for next year, unless JC TK SW have all shown they are going to be players. We know what CB is at this point, and JG we know has big upside but no way of knowing if it gets realized or not. So one injury to one of the 4 guys not named CB and you’re looking at playing short handed up front at some point in the next two years, like last year, and that wasn’t fun at all. If JC and TK are all league type players, obviously that changes a lot, but is that putting the cart before the horse in terms of roster buildout strategy?