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Well this played out exactly as many on here expected, with Ross committing this weekend. So I think we can start focusing on 2015 class because the 2014 class looks to be booked, with two more guards! Jenkins and Ross are both in the staple, add that to Price and Simelton, and you got 4 guards in back to back classes, not even counting CR or GP. So next years roster is essentially identical as this years roster, where we’re just substituting TJ for AD and KR for MM. The same breakdown of guards vs forwards for this year applies for following year.
2015 better be big on forwards, many our guards are going to be solid.

I did a ton of work on Ross last night, as I was expecting this announcement, and I really really like what I saw. SUPER quick, so solid in transition, his head is always on a swivel and he always gets the ball to the right man. He is really crafty in getting to the lane, super quick with the ball in his hands. I think this could work out quite well, excited we have him, as he was probably best available across all positions left for us(with a real shot at committing). Exciting news.