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As always StablerBum, thank you for your input. Because I’d like to keep the conversation going, I going to respectfully disagree on some points.
1.)Lehigh gets the best results in recruiting players that for some reason fall off the radar. Wide bodies who are 6-10 or so are usually noticeable. If they are big and athletic, they often don’t make it to the mid major level. There are times though where they may value a good education as much as moments on Sports Center, like Muscala or Kempton but if I go back over the last 10 years, we have gotten far more value from athletic 6-7 players than those 6-10 or over. See Safstrom, Gourlay, Anderson. If there is another Knutsen out there, then go after him but I wouldn’t force the issue.
2.)At 6-10, 6-8, 6-8, 6-7 and 6-6 we are taller and probably far more athletic than we have been in awhile. Whether or not they develop will likely determine the most desired recruiting targets.
3.)Comparing CG and CR doesn’t quite work for me. I’ll admit that the latter is quite an enigma to me. Corey averaged about 18/g during his senior year and was 2nd team All-league in a private school league. Cole’s stats are more reflective of CJs and he was 2nd team team but PA A/S AAAA. Alas, only time will tell. Rob Hamlin came to Lehigh as a 4X State Champ but in VT, a wrestling wasteland. I’m almost certain he was a non-scholarship wrestler at the time. He ended up a 3X AA and 2X National finalist. I’m certain he earned a scholarship somewhere in that time.