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1) Totally agree that the success rate on bigs is lower than on other positions. I also think we could very well have won the Xavier game and go to the sweet 16 two years ago with Kevin McCarthy healthy. Our lack of frontcourt size and depth was brutally exposed in our marquee OOC games last season. Yes, you are going to bring in some big guys that don’t pan out, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t prioritize them on the recruiting trail. If we got destroyed in the paint OOC, why wouldn’t we TRY to address it?

2) Agree 100%. We will have quite a bit more height, versatility, and athleticism in the frontcourt than I can recently remember. On the second point, we better already have our priorities in order because offers are going out and visits are being conducted for the class of 2014. I trust the staff is much better acquainted with the roster and needs than we are.

3) Agree that CG and CR is far from a perfect comparison. I do however, feel as though expectations for CR have spiraled out of control a bit. I want the team to be successful, so I want all the players to be succesful, but everytime I see CJ and CR’s name in the same post it makes me a little uncomfortable. High school stats are borderline meaningless, and let’s remember CJ was the Gatorade state player of the year in Ohio as a senior, not to mention had other mid-major offers. I LOVE the fact that the leading scorer in the state of PA is coming to Lehigh and paying his own way, but I’d rather set the bar low and have him exceed it than the inverse.