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I have reported many things on this board about CR and I am a huge fan of this kid as a player and person. However, comparing him to CJ is a little premature. As I stated early CJ is a once in a lifetime type PL player, probably why he is the all-time leading scorer. I think the unknown is fascinating and as I said earlier I will be shocked if CR does not become a successful player for Lehigh in some capacity. As an avid fan of college athletics it is difficult to predict who will become a star and who will only last one semester. So many factors are at play, academics, health, home-sick, style of play, work ethic, desire, etc… I am anxiously awaiting the upcoming years to see who will have an impact and who will fade away. The interest in CR will continue as we all root for underdogs and the unknown as I said is fascinating. The only thing for certain is that at this time next year we will have some more information and will be talking about what might happen next. That is what makes sports so wonderful.